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I have been a veterinarian for over 20 years and have also served as the President of the American Animal Hospital Association.  During this time I have been exposed to many breeders.  Heidi and Luke are second to none regarding their care of their 4 legged kids and the babies.  My puppy was extremely well socialized and well on her way to being house trained by 8 weeks of age.  I also applaud Heidi for providing a limited registration on her pups so that the breed does not become damaged by improper breeding.  I highly recommend the Cavaliers from Pleasant Valley Cavaliers!
Daniel S. Aja, D.V.M.

Just a little note to let you how Finnegan has been doing.  We received Finn in October 2007 from you and have had such a great time with him.  He is doing great and has the sweetest disposition.  He is truly a love sponge.  He has really been a great playmate for all of us and especially our 9 year old Cattle Dog/Boarder Collie Mix.  She used to be so gruff with other dogs but now she's all love for her Finn.  He has even gotten her more perky and active.  She had really been slowing down until Finn arrived.

Thank you again for being a responsible breeder and offering such lovely dogs.

Denise McMillan


Well it has been a year since Camas has come into your life hard to believe. We fell in love with him when we saw his picture on your web site but we will never put into words what it was like at the airport the first time we could touch him I guess "WONDERFUL" is the right word. He sleeps through the night and house breaking was a piece of cake, we used baby gates and he would have the run of the room that we where in, is made it very easy to watch him. Camas never had an accident in the house that is the only way to finish the job that you help start for us.The toy you sent with him we have named it his "Heidi Heart" it goes every where with him. When he was four months old he be came an ambassador for the school, his picture is on one of the buses plus he visit the elementary school about every day as the students are leaving school to go home. We have had people in traffic at a stop light talk to him out their window and take his picture. Thank you for a happy but  most of all a healthy Black and Tan Cavalier King Charles Spaineil Puppy! 
Charles & Bett

I wanted to thank you so much for our baby, Peanut.  You did such a great job with him.  Peanut came home only a few months old and he was already create trained.  My husband said by far he is the best puppy he has ever had.  He is so sweet and loves people and people love him. He is so friendly to everyone he meets and he just wants to love on them.  The neighbor kids absolutely adore him and always come by our house just to say "Hi" to Peanut.  This picture is him on our boat at 7 months.  We take him on the boat almost every weekend.  He loves riding on it and he will spend the whole day out with us with no problems.  Peanut is such a great puppy and love him very much.  He already knows tricks and commands.  I keep thinking he needs a little playmate and keep checking their website for when to get a new baby.  Thanks so much you guys you are wonderful:)

I couldn’t have wished for a better dog than Lyric! Not only is she beautiful, but she is loving and smart too. When I started to train her, she learned so easily that I decided to try the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program. CGC is a certification program that is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. The Canine Good Citizen Test has ten objectives, all of which must be completed satisfactorily by the dog and handler team or the team fails. The dog must be able to sit, lie down, stay, and come on command; to heel on a loose leash; to handle distracting environments; to greet other dogs and people without aggression or fear; to sit calmly while being handled by a stranger; and to behave well in the care of another while the handler is out of sight. Lyric earned her CGC award at the age of 6 months!  ~Margaret

Our family had been looking for a Cavalier for several months when I came across Pleasant Valley Cavaliers. I called to visit about their puppies. I had such a great conversation with her I hung up knowing I definitely wanted one of her Cavaliers.  She was so informative, full of information and friendly..but she also was interested in my family, where one of her babies might be coming to live.  She also had questions of me about our family which made me know how much she really cares about her puppies.  We got our little Daisy last week and what a joy she is! She is so cuddly, playful and has great socialization skills so I know what great care she had with Heidi and her family. She is completely potty trained. It is evident that they worked very hard to send her home trained.  I took her to our vet to get a check up and when I walked in the first thing he said to me was "You have a show stopper there."  He did his examination and was amazed at the quality of Cavalier she was.  He checked her eyes, feet, teeth, mouth, belly, ears....everything checked out perfectly.  His comment to me was "We don't get Cavaliers of this quality around here.  She's perfect."  We went on to visit about how many breeders breed just to have puppies, not striving to keep the breed standard. My vet said that this breeder definitely was breeding to carry on the Cavalier breed standard.  I was so very pleased when I left his office. I would highly recommend PV Cavaliers to anyone looking for a quality, loving Cavalier. 

Scott, Shawna, Lexi & Jace V from South Dakota

Ask us where you can find the perfect Cavalier and we would gladly say Pleasant Valley.  After several months of research, we happened upon the Pleasant Valley Cavalier web site.  We were highly impressed with all the information the site had offered.  We called Heidi with a long list of questions.  She answered each one with compassionate details.  Heidi also asked about our family, she was just as concerned to find the perfect home for her fur baby. 
After several e-mails and phone calls that Heidi so patiently answered, we were off to get our Sadie Rose! We were welcomed into their loving home, and we got to meet all the Cavaliers!  Each one of them was so affectionate, they couldn't wait to greet you!!  We even got to see the new fur babies just a few days old.  We were so comfortable with Heidi, it was like being with family.  Our girls took pictures with the other dogs, they even got one of Sadie's parents! 
Sadie is just the smartest, loving and beautiful princess Cavalier!  Her coat is so rich and shiny, her adoring eyes can melt your heart.  She came home very well socialized, she trusted all of us completely. Heidi even called her by her name prior to us coming so she would feel at ease when we came to get her. 
By 8 weeks she was nearly potty trained, everything just fell into place due to their efforts with the puppies.  Sadie's demeanor is so loving, she is easy to train and spreads joy through out our household.  Our veterinarian has said she is a fine specimen of a Cavalier.  Everything from head to toe checked out, he said this puppy isn't from your average breeder.     After giving the vet information about how Heidi was very up front with showing us the parents certified papers, informing us of the proper nutrition and being open to any questions we had for her,  he said we chose an excellent breeder.  We couldn't agree more, we HIGHLY recommend Pleasant Valley Cavaliers to everyone.  Just one phone call with Heidi is all it takes to see how much love and effort she puts into her Cavaliers.
 We recently took Sadie Rose to a Pet Expo  in our area, they had a photo shoot going on to find a dog for the cover of a wide spread magazine.  We received a letter stating she is one of the top 5 finalists in the contest!  The editor couldn't get over how stunning she looked and she is very photogenic.  Our thanks to Luke and Heidi for raising the finest quality Cavalier, as you can tell we adore our Sadie Rose!
Ed, Maria, Carli & Tara  from Illinois

When I began my search for a Cavalier, I came upon Pleasant Valley Cavaliers website. Having never had a Cavalier before, I had a lot of questions which they patiently answered. I can't speak highly enough of the Pleasant Valley family of Cavaliers. They so obviously love and care for each and every puppy. When I brought Charlie home he was well-adjusted, loved to play and had a head-start on potty training. I loved Charlie so much I went back for Mavis one month later! Now they are the best of friends. Cavaliers are wonderful and loving companions, and they work hard to care for the dogs so they have a great start with their new family! Thank you for everything!     ~Susan Durian 

Having been Cavalier lovers for years, we are overjoyed with our little Ginger!  She is a sweet, snuggly little girl but is also very playful!  She gets along famously with her new 'big brother' Seamus, who is a 7 1/2 year-old Blenheim Cavalier, and they are having fun trading toys and bones!  Ginger came to us at 8 weeks just about completely housebroken and very healthy.  Having had a Ruby once before, we are thrilled to have another -- and such a sweet one at that!  Heidi was great throughout the entire process and it is obvious she puts a great deal of care into bringing healthy, happy dogs into the world!  We couldn't be happier -- thank you, PV Cavaliers! ~Ann and the entire Morris family

My wife and I purchased a Cavalier King Charles puppy from Pleasant Valley Cavaliers. Prince was his name, but we named him Cojo. He's not only healthy, But the attitude and personality of this breed combined with the Blood Line from Pleasant Valley is the most pleasant and rewarding I've ever experienced. He's very intelligent, learns quickly, is very affectionate and loves to be with us. Other small breeds are so clingy you can't do anything without them being under foot. But with Cojo we can leave the room and he just keeps on playing with his toys or watching TV. Also I have eight Grand Kids and don't have to worry about him biting or hurting the them at all. He's gentle and loves all of them. My oldest Grand Daughter is his favorite and when she comes over to see him he is so excited. They go on walks together, Well more like runs together. He has never been aggressive towards other dogs or people ever. He greets everyone like they're his best friend. I'll never get another puppy from anyone else than Pleasant Valley Cavaliers.

"Nothing compares to affection you receive from the heart of puppy that's waited all day for his best friend to return home".

Harry H. Mohney 

When we talked on the phone and arranged to come to Cadillac I told my boys not to get too excited.  Whether or not we would be getting the puppy would depend on the home environment, did they love their puppies, and was it clean???  YES, I was so excited to arrive at your lovely home where it was so welcoming.  It was obvious your family all loved the dogs and their puppies.  Heidi you were helpful throughout.  I appreciated all your tips on nutrition and training.  It showed concern for the long term welfare of your puppies.   I value your opinion and I thank you for our Bella.

 Paula Ford